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Hello to all of you Culinary Artists! Ok by a show of hands how many of you have used a knife roll made of nylon? If you could see me my hand it would be raised. 

My first knife roll as a newbie prep cook was a 6 pocket nylon starter bag to pack my newly purchased Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8” chef knife (with included steel). I used that roll until it was being held together by duct tape, it lasted somewhere around two years. My culinary school issue knife kit included a nylon roll that lasted long enough for me to graduate and finish my internship (2 1/2 years).

With my years in the kitchen I've seen and used many nylon knife rolls and they all seem to fail in under two years of normal use. Most common points of failure are the Velcro closures stop working, the zippers fail, the plastic “hardware” breaks and the nylon and separate. At prices starting at $20 their almost disposable.

After my 4th, 5th, 6th bag (I lost count) I decided to design a better roll. First I started with the body material and wanted to get away from nylon and plastic. I thought about leather but it’s not really suited for the environment of a kitchen (in my opinion). I landed on hemp canvas after doing some research on its many qualities. I could list several reasons for using hemp as my material but please refer to my “hemp facts” page for more great info. For my purposes it came down to durability, strength, mold resistance, eco friendly, it’s ability to be washed and well it's cool right?

The hardware was easy once I landed on hemp, had to be metal for strength, durability and how well it looked with the hemp material.

After several iterations my current model is the vision I had in my head from the onset. I’ve done all the R&D, material testing and have used them day in and day out at my day job. I’ve done everything except sew them together. I’m very proud of the way they’ve come out. 

Did I mention that my rolls are made in Boise Idaho by hand and in small production runs? Did I also mention that my hardware is sourced from the last fastener manufacturers located in the United States who’ve been in operation for over 80 years. Can you say that about your roll? Does your roll use eco friendly fabrics? Is your roll durable and functional? Are you proud to put your hard earned knives in your current roll?

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